Commercial Locksmith 


You’ve spent time and money building your business. Now, you need to ensure that it stays protected. At Expert Lock and Key, we’re business owners, so we understand the importance of securing your investment. We are the commercial locksmith in Columbus, Ohio to call, whether for a lock out or for other locksmith services.


You might be in need of a consultation, a complete survey of your professional site, regular services, keypad installation, or a simple repair. Whatever level of service you require, we’re here to help. A few of the services we offer are:


  • Master key systems-Instead of a desk drawer full of keys or other inefficient methods, we provide rekeying and master keying services for schools, apartment complexes, retail outlets, and more. Landlords or managers receive a single key that fits all units or doors, while tenants or subordinates have keys unique to a single door or unit.
  • Lock repairs-If a lock isn’t working, it’s not always necessary to replace it outright. Frequently, problems can be solved by disassembling the lock itself, adjusting or replacing certain parts, or cleaning and lubricating the lock mechanism. This solution is often less expensive than replacement.
  • Lock replacement-But sometimes a lock can become excessively damaged, scuffed and scratched, or simply get too old to stay useful. In cases like that, we can bring our wide variety of commercial locks to your place of business and quickly install a replacement.
  • Lock re-keying-This refers to replacing pins and tumblers, which are the tiny parts inside a lock. The benefit of re-keying is that you can retain the existing door hardware, but make previous keys worthless. We recommend re-keying when moving into a new facility, when an employee is terminated, or if an employee loses their keys.


We are a mobile locksmith in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding area, so we come to you. If you have questions or you’d like to schedule an appointment, contact us today.