Residential Locksmith Pricing

House/Building Locks

  • Business Lock-Out, Typically $50-$125 call for quote
  • Lock Change, Typically $70-$300 call for quote
  • Rekey, Typically $60-$230 call for quote

* This is an average price range list. Prices can vary – many factors can affect the price. The final cost will be provided by the service provider after assessing the job.

For most people, your home is the largest investment you’ll ever make. It’s a place where you spend time with family and friends. And, as George Carlin famously said, it’s a place for your stuff. Your house is important, and that’s why it deserves to be protected. At Expert Lock and Key, we’re committed to keeping your home safe.

If you’re locked out of your house in Columbus, Ohio or the surrounding area, our 24 hour emergency locksmith services can save the day. Don’t let something as simple as forgetting your keys ruin your day when we are just a call away!

With 5 years of experience as a family-owned business, Expert has become one of the premiere locksmithing companies in and around the Columbus area. We’re all about providing service that’s reliable, fast, and always affordable. A few of the benefits we offer to homeowners are:


  • Frequently, customers will contact us to have a lock replaced if they have moved into a new home or if a key is sticking into a lock continuously. It’s less expensive to have the lock re-keyed rather than replaced. We’ll remove the existing locks, replace the pins, then cut new keys that match the pin. The lock will be reinstalled, and it’s as if you have a brand new lock.
  • As time goes on and your doors age or are affected by weather and humidity, the size of the door jamb may change, meaning that the door won’t close properly. We’ve got the tools to replace or repair the strike plate and get your doors closing smoothly.
  • For security purposes, a door that just has a locking knob isn’t too secure. As a matter of fact, the latches on door knobs usually only extend about ½ inch, making it easy for a burglar to either push the latch into the door or pry it open. We can install solid deadbolts to drastically increase your security.
  • Along similar lines, there has been some talk online and in the media about “lock bumping,” a means of bypassing a lock. While the risk has been over-hyped, we have the means to protect your locks from bumping and lock picks.


If you have questions, or you’re ready to book service, contact us today.